Baxi Cuir - Crossbody bag

Baxi Cuir

The Baxi Cuir line is made for businesspeople with a casual yet elegant approach to life. The collection consists of bags and accessories with a simple and modern style.

Baxinyl - Crossbody bag


The Baxinyl collection of men's bags, briefcases and baggage conveys a young, modern image, with elegant details and stylish colors.

Boxford - Briefcase


Boxford is Longchamp's stylish take on luggage. The pieces are emblematic of the brand, and act as elegant traveling companions. They bear an exclusive, ultra-contemporary hallmark in the form of the Longchamp logo enclosed by a leather rectangle.

Cavalier - Hobo bag


Cavalier is a collection of rustically inspired vintage men's bags and small leather goods, stitched in écru, and bearing an embossed Longchamp logo. These functional designs are made for the modern man.

Etrier - Tote bag


With a name that translates as "stirrup", Etrier is a collection that plays with materials, colors and effects of light. It is perfect for the fashion-conscious male.

LM Cuir - Briefcase

LM Cuir

The LM Cuir collection is distinguished by its exceptionally fine embossing, representing Longchamp's legendary and impeccable attention to detail.

Le Foulonné - Hobo bag

Le Foulonné

Le Foulonné is an emblematic Longchamp collection. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, the line ranges from handbags to accessories.

Le Pliage - Briefcase

Le Pliage

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, the simple, beautifully ingenious Le Pliage has acquired icon status worldwide. The line is available in an extraordinary variety of shapes and sizes, and around a dozen colors each season.

Le Pliage Eclipse - Tote bag

Le Pliage Eclipse

Longchamp commissioned artist Sarah Morris to reinterpret its iconic Le Pliage bag on the collection's twentieth anniversary. She redesigned Le Pliage as a canvas for her painting Total Annular Solar Eclipse. The line offers three-dimensional reinterpretations of the unique work. This exclusive collection adds an artistically Longchamp touch to any wardrobe.

Longchamp 2.0 - Briefcase

Longchamp 2.0

The Longchamp 2.0 line is designed for the go-getting businessperson seeking just the right balance between professionalism and play. The gold hot-stamped logo and finishes add a distinct touch to this two-tone collection.

Longchamp 3D - Crossbody bag

Longchamp 3D

Longchamp 3D blends modernity with a love of symmetry. It uses modern designs and contrasting finishes to create a three-dimensional effect.

Parisis - Men's tote bag


The timelessly original Parisis collection offers an unstructured look, with a discreetly embossed logo and detailed handles.

Safari-sur-Seine - Crossbody bag


A series of bags for men, with a mix of comfort and luxury. Aged metal finishes underline the adventurous spirit of the collection, with the emphasis on understated luxury.